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    • DuraScent®LSG-100 adds a new olfactory dimension to your fabric coatings, by fusing premium leather scent into your product without changing the characteritics of the man-made leather.

    • Long lasting and slow fragrance-release scent greatly enhances the leather-quality appeal of your product, and opens up a spectrum of possibilities for your product design.

    • Advanced technology in the field of polymers has enabled man-made leather to resemble real leather. To consumers, it is no longer good enough for man-made leather to look and feel like leather, but it has to SMELL like geniune leather. DuraScent®LSG-100 does just that.

    • DuraScent®LSG-200, integrated with improved polyurethane coating technology, represents the future development trend of man-made leather industry, which is flourishing and is moving in the direction of greener sustainability and functionlity..

DuraScent®LSG-100 is suitable for all kinds of resin-based applications:

♦ Furniture/Furnishing

♦ Apparel/Accessories

♦ Aviation

♦ Auto

♦ Fitness Equipment

♦ Hospitality

♦ Marine/RVs

♦ Healthcare/Hospitals

♦ Residential

♦ Commercial Offices

♦ Interiors

♦ Entertainment

♦ Family of RTU Scented Resins and Applications



Established since 1994, INX MARKETING PTE LTD's clientele base has grown internationally with presence in Malaysia and ventures in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.We have an in-house team of dedicated designers and merchandisers, as well as our very own modern knitting and production facilities in Malaysia which is ISO certified to ISO 9002:2000

Global Locations

We have offices in Malaysia and ventures in China, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.
We are currently looking for distributors in different
regions. Please email to us.

Contact and Support

65A Jalan Tenteram #05-14 St. Michael's
Industrial Estate Singapore 328958

Fax:  +65-6254-6119

Telephone: +65-6254-0798

Email: catherine@inxmktg.com


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